Manicures involve shaping and cutting the nails to the required shape exclusively pushing the cuticles back to expel dead skin cells, and then polishing and buffing the nails.

Expert Nail Spa Treatments

Please your nails to a transformation with our amazing offers on pedicure and manicure. Select a nail spa near you and get that sparkle back with nail gel extensions, manicure, and more nail salon treatments.

A classic pedicure will exclusively leave your feet feeling refreshed and soft while relishing the experience of our massage chair. No more rough and dry skin!

Spa pedicures are the ultimate in leisure. We start off by absorbing your feet in a warm whirlpool water stream. The toenails are then shaped and cut, with the cuticles eventually pushed back to expel dead skin cells, we also expel the dead skin underneath your feet to make them appear their best.

Nail Services

  • Classic Manicure

  • French Manicure

  • Polish Change, Regular

  • Polish Change, French

  • Full Set, Acrylic

  • Full Set, Glue & Powder

  • Fills, Acrylic

  • Fills, Silk

  • Gel Nails

  • Gel Refill


  • Spa Pedicure

  • Spa French Pedicure

  • Polish Change, Regular

  • Polish Change, French

  • Gelish/Shellac Pedicure


  • Classic Manicure & Pedicure

  • Royal Manicure & Pedicure


what people say

Ciuyana is hands down thee best stylist I have ever had she was so attentive and shes very knowledgable about hair care. Almost always my blowout only lasts the night and I expresseed this concern with her and she assurred me her product would make my blowout last longer and that it did. I couldnt have been happier.

Honey B.

I love this place Jarod is amazing best eyebrow threader. Very professional If you are in Miami and want to get dolled up go here.

Allison M.

I came in for a quick haircut, little did I know it would be a whole wonderful experience. Jarod took care of me. He listened to me and guide me through to pick the best look for me. I work in luxury so i need to always look the part. It's not easy to find someone that understands your needs in miami! Thank you Jarod for such excellent service.

Allison M.